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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Collection of Short Stories - R. KarthikesuKarthikesu, R.
1958Communism in India - 1924-1927Petrie, Sir David; Saha, Mahadevprasad
1948A Community At The Cross RoadDesai, Sapur Faredun
1950Complete Constituent Assembly Debates 9th December1 946 - 24thJanuary 1950-
2017The Complete Mahabharata in English -Ganguli, Kisari Mohan
2017Concise History of Darjeeling District-
1935Congres Evolution - Congress Resolutions - 1885-1934Chakrabarty, D; Bhattacharya, C
2019-04-02The Congress Manifesto 2019 – A Charter to Weaken IndiaJaitley, Arun
2019-04-02The Congress Manifesto 2019 – A Charter to Weaken India-
2019-04-04Congress Manifesto 2019 – A Freedom to Destroy Institutions and Help TerroristsJaitley, Arun
1950Constitution of India-
2020-01Constitutionality Of The Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 and Why It Was EssentialResearch Foundation, Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee
2019-05-04Contrarian view is fine, but govt is trying hard.Agarwal, Gopal Krishna
1929Contributions To The History Of The Hindu Revenue SystemGhoshal, U N
2019-04-29A Convenient Season for Being a ‘Proud Hindu’Jaitley, Arun
1920Corporate life in ancient IndiaMajumdar, R C
1877The Country of BalochistanHughes, A W
1946The Creative Art of lifeMunshi, K M
2019-12Criticisms of the CAB do not stand close scrutinyIyer Mitra, Abhjit
2006Cultural - The Ram Temple MovementGurumurthy, S